Client Acquisition School  Membership Application
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This group IS for: 
  • People who are either Coaches, Consultants, and/or Healing Practitioners and are ready to take their business to consistent Double-Digit Monthly Incomes.
  • People ready to INVEST in themselves, their business, and their clients.
  • ​People who LOVE serving their clients powerfully and adding value to the marketplace just as much as they love making money
  • ​People who WANT and KNOW their business can grow and are willing to put the TIME, ENERGY, and EFFORT
  • ​People who are ready to DOUBLE their income and their TIME-OFF
This group is NOT for: 
  • People who are deceptive or use manipulation to GROW their Business. 
  • People who just WANT to make money no matter how they do it. 
  • People who are not COMMITTED to the success of their Businesses or their Clients
What Is The Investment? 

$3,500 To Be Exact
(Payment Plans Available)
You'll be required to implement what it is that you're learning. We give you all the tools and strategies here, it's up to you to implement. We provide the inspiration and motivation! 
Here's How It Goes Down:
First, you’ll need to enter your REAL email address below. You’ll fill out an incredibly thorough application where I ask you deeply intense questions about your business and personal life, nothing TOO personal it just helps me know whether you're serious or not so we both can get on a merry way to living the lifestyle we'd like to live.

When the application comes in one of two things will occur. 

One, I’ll decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know very kindly. Or two, I’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and someone on my team will schedule a call to see if we really are. I promise not to hassle or "SELL" you. If you want in, GOOD TO GO. If not, that's cool too. 
I’m only looking for excited individuals in The Client Acquisitions program who are ready to take RISK and LIVE into their dream. I’ll review applications on a first come, first-serve basis.