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WELCOME TO OUR 2 hour Free Video class titled: 

“The Book of Life”

This two hour class will give you everything you need to know that I wished I’d had when I first started to “Awaken” and declare that I CAN create life on my terms.

In it you’ll discover:

  • What Does Alignment To The Higher-Self ACTUALLY mean
  • How To Understand Your Being and Why You are the Way You are
  • How to have Unending Peace
  • ​What True Success Actually IS
  • ​The Do and Dont’s of Creation
  • ​How to Motivate Yourself Again
  • ​How To Attain A Blissful State
  • ​How To Have Unlimited Energy
  • ​How To Set Realistic Goals yet still be present to the moment

Are you starting to experience the following on a constant basis?

  • Observing Your Thought and Emotional Patterns
  • ​Feeling a Deep Sense of Connection Beyond an Ego Identifications such as Identity, Race, Income Level
  • Letting Go of Attachment to Identities such as "I'am a vegan, I'am Rich, I'am a cat love...."​
  • ​​You Have Increased Levels of Authenticity
  • You Have an Increased Sense of Inner Peace
  • ​You Experience Regular Synchronicities
  • You Have a Heightened Intuition
  • ​You Experience Increased Compassion

About Me


Jared Bull


When I first start to “Awake” back in 2012 I literally had NO IDEA what was happening to me. I was confused as to my experience of life and no one in my immediate environment could share with me what was happening. 

I experienced new situations I’d never encountered before, new emotions and sensations in my body, new relationship dynamics, new desires and gifts I’d never known I had, and a desire to leave everything I’d ever known behind. 

This is the first part of Awakening and for some it’s hell, while for others it’s just another step into life’s next journey. 

Growing up I was always told “There is no Book to Life you just have to figure it out.” 

Well, 10 years later I decided to create that Book.

You see, Awakening is about “Waking Up” to the truth of what life is……an uncertain and unknown journey towards some unknown destination. It’s about creating a life, discovering and developing untapped parts of our being. It’s about playing full out, jumping into life and dancing full on with the divine play even if it’s a bit scary.

This Book of Life is about the 2nd phase of Awakening which is about “Waking up to the endless possibilities for your life.”

You’re here to create, experiment, and play. 

The 2nd phase of Awakening is all about Creating the Life of your Dreams. The truth is creating your dreams takes skillsets, capabilities, knowledge, community, and resources. 

I wished I’d had a guide or a book when I first started to “Awaken” and create life on MY terms instead of succumbing to the expectations of my family and society. 

But I didn’t.

Which is why I created the 2 hour Free Video class titled: “The Book of Life”.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. 

This is our Natural State. This class will get you one step closer to integrating your Awakening and creating a life that you’ll fall in love with so much that you won’t want to leave the planet.  

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